Elevate Your Cookie Game

Have a kick-ass business that creates artistic, cutting edge cookies

Elevate Your Cookie Game

Have a kick-ass business that creates artistic, cutting edge cookies

Be a Royal Batch Cookie Queen

Royal Batch is a meringue powder for decorating cookies made from egg whites, sugar, flavorings, corn syrup and white food coloring so that you don’t have to add anything but water and powdered sugar to get a beautiful result.

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Hi, I’m Kourtney Post and baking, cooking or really anything domestic never came very easily to me. I’ve always been creative and artistic, but had no idea how to do anything with food. When my daughter was born 10 years ago, she was born with a genetic disorder that meant she had to have a special diet for the rest of her life.

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“It’s such a game changer for consistency and smoothness”
– Rebecca

“ It mixes beautifully.  Colors seem to not bleed and I didn’t add any white because it already has it in there – that’s a huge savings in itself!! It’s just so glossy and smooth.” – Sherri

“It’s the best even if I mix too thick or too thin it works out perfectly I swear it’s magic” – Ciara

Royal Batch is simple to mix up and use

Includes white food coloring and corn syrup so you don’t need to spend money on additional ingredients nor do you have a complicated recipe to follow. Just add water and powdered sugar.

Royal Batch looks great.

The texture, and smooth, shiny finish is what makes Royal Batch so special. Royal Batch dries quickly, has a good volume/texture and a great neutral flavor. It dries with a nice satiny shine. This icing freezes and thaws without color discoloration which reduces color bleed. We show you how best to use it so you can get the look you’re going for while avoiding common headaches like color bleed or long dry times.

Royal Batch tastes great on its own or you can customize the flavors.

You get a great taste with Royal Batch. Decorated cookies are incredibly time consuming and are true works of art! You don’t have to sacrifice taste to get the beautiful designs you’re working hard to create. You can spend more time creating and developing your skills, art and cookie business without having to stress about how your royal icing is going to taste or wasting money guessing at what is going to work.

Royal Batch is competitively priced in 1 lb and 5 lb bags

Shipping Included!

You can buy other meringue powders. But, by the time you add food coloring, cream of tartar, corn syrup, and flavorings you’ve added over $7.00 PER POUND! With Royal Batch you add only $1.00 per pound of powdered sugar. One pound of Royal Batch covers at least 200 3” cookies, at about $.14/cookie.

You can make icing with egg whites and powdered sugar but you can expect more color bleeding, a longer drying time, a dull finish, and difficulty getting volume. And forget about freezing this icing. So much ends up wasted.

You can make your own meringue powder. The cost of each ingredient for small batches is EXPENSIVE and Bakety Bake has spent the time experimenting and making meringue powder work. If you would rather spend your time making artistic, cutting edge cookies than turning yourself into an experimental lab, we’ve done the work for you.


Royal Batch is shipped for free. And with our QR code on every package of Royal Batch you get instructions, tutorials and your own “cookie coach” to make this meringue powder work on your unique cookies.